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  1. PRESS RELEASE Contact: Future Classic Layne Armstrong, Promotions Manager 354 Congress St. 5th Floor Boston, MA 02210 T.617-422-0500 Email: [email protected] www.Futureclassic.net For Immediate release On April 16th 2005, Boston’s premier event promoters, Future Classic, will be presenting Legends of Style, the third annual celebration of art, music, and fashion. This annual event showcases 25 contemporary artists from Boston, New York, and Santa Fe. Among these artists are dozens of legendary masters of aerosol art. This exclusive, limited capacity, event takes place at the Artists for Humanity’s brand new, 3-story, 23,000 square foot facility called the EpiCenter. Located at 100 West Second St. in Boston MA, the EpiCenter is a work of art all its own. Built from recycled materials and metals with 50 photovoltaic panels covering the roof, this innovative facility generates its own heat and electricity through renewable energy technologies. The featured artist for Legends of Style is SEEN, from the intensely popular urban documentary Style Wars. not only is he a living legend, but he has been coined the Godfather of Graffiti. One of his most famous works took place in 1985 when he produced a gigantic SEEN piece on the “LL’s†of the HOLLYWOOD sign in Hollywood, California. SEEN will be live and in-person displaying, as well as selling, his works at the showcase. Other featured artists include Andy Regan, from Extreme Tattoos (Boston), Fat Ram from Pumpkin Tattoo, Carly Weaver, Claudia De Piante and New Mexico’s own, Maria Baca. New York City will have a strong artistic presents at the show as well with the world famous Tuff City Crew from the Bronx NY and the TATS Cru from Bronx, NY. To begin the evening’s festivities, there will be a V.I.P reception from 9pm-10pm courtesy of the newly popular Malaysian import, Tiger Beer. There will also be complimentary Vice Magazines and CDs for the first 300 patrons through the door. Music will be provided by our very own local legend himself, DJ Kon. Kon is Boston’s undisputed party rocker and international beat-maker for labels such as Rawkus, Fat Beats and more. . -MORE- Future Classic is proud to announce this year’s sponsors. Tiger Beer, one of the hottest growing beers on the market, will be having an open bar reception from 9pm-10pm. Vitamin Water is the latest beverage craze in America and will also be served throughout the evening. Puma will be onsite as well with free giveaways; T shirts, coupons and sneakers will be part of their promotional package. Vice Magazine got its start back in 1994 by three less than fortunate guys writing a 16 page newspaper about punk bands and violence. Since then Vice has grown ten-fold. They now boast a world wide publication, have clothing stores, Vice Films, Vice Records, and a web site Viceland.com. Vice will be having their magazine release party for the April and May issue at Legends of Style. Future classic is an Entertainment Co. based in Boston MA. that specializes in the consumer goods and hospitality industries. Check out www.futureclassic.net for details. www.seenworld.com www.puma.com www.tigerbeerusa.com www.vitaminwater.com www.viceland.com www.mariabaca.com www.stylewars.com www.thehonahlee.com For more information or to R.S.V.P. to this event please contact: Layne Armstrong [email protected] T.617-422-0500 ###