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  1. Question Ladies...

    "Ive never given road head before, honest" That's a good one if i've heard one... I think if a girl talks to much about innocence on a first date then mostly likely you will get laid by the end of the night..One should never have to preach
  2. Describe some of your K holes

    I just got to SPACE and as soon as i stepped into the the patio everybody turned in Lego people it was crazzzzyyy...Everywhere i would turn is was lego people everywhere.. that lasted about 2 hours
  3. # 1's

    Never tried the #1...haven't found them here but i did take some D&G and Sunflower's that made me hallucinate my ass off. I could get up either... couldn't complain though cause good pills are hard to come across these days
  4. Attn : Ladies

    See what can happen when your bored....Looks like she really enjoyed that
  5. Freebasing

    I have a friend that got hooked and spent $40,000 in rehab and is still hooked..... all i have to say is crack is wack.