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  1. Must see techno/trance Clubs in Miami

    For the record, the reason why i wrote Techno..is that..some of these clubs play hip-hop some nights...If i just asked about clubs..that's kind of vague...you know? I didn't mean to point out the obvious, but on the other extreme, some of the clubs in miami play different music depending on the night. About Nerve closing, that's what i heard(actually read). About Memorial weekend...a few of my friends from Memphis already told me the deal...since i'm staying with some friends on business..I can't really re-schedule....i thought there would be more people on Memorial weekend that just the Hip hop groups..right? BIGd
  2. Must see techno/trance Clubs in Miami

    A business associate can get me on the Vip list for the following places, but I don't know if any are worth it: Crobar State Opium Garden Space for Saturday Mansion Nerve Let me know, BIGD ps. is that a bad thing to ask?..I know it's probably a newbie question, but why not ask the locals...you guys usually know decent places right?
  3. Must see techno/trance Clubs in Miami

    I'm going to be in Miami during Memorial weekend and wanted to know what clubs are a "must see" when I visit. Keep in mind i like trance more than the other types of techno. Let me know~! Thanks guys! BIgd