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    I'm tight work. Doubt it? Come see bout this one.
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    I live in miramar now, but was raised in miami
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    anything includin money, girls, and gettin loose
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    I'm currently workin at a labor corperation.
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  1. Hot To Death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, thats me . I don't have a profile cuz I don't have the time. Between work, school, and other pleasurable activities I'm swamped 4sho. But I had to show some 305 love atleast one time before I ship out 4 the Marines . Semper Fi 4life.On the flipside, 4 any females that may be lurkin I'm 6'2, wit a snikerbar complextion, very athletic body type(that mean muscles 4 days), and I'm basicaly an intelegent thug with a romantic twist. But dont get it 2 twisted, cuz I aint soft by a long shot. But MIA is the show and tell spot so dont take my word 4 it, holla at ya boy and see what I be about. waguan . Oh, yeah, this my first time postin so I didn't pay attention to no topic. But if its inturestin, I'll give yall tha flip version 4sho