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  1. Party People Let's Get Funky! SUNnyDAY NYC and Voice Of VOICE NYC proudly present a new DEEP HOUSE and EXOTIC GROOVES PARTY In a crazy Venue with amazing sound system SUNnyDAY Every Friday 11pm @ SPIDER CLUB NYC Introducing the SUNnyDAY DJs : PHIL D REVEREND P from PARIS GO KIRYU ALI COLEMAN and Guests First PARTY, Friday August 19th @ Spider Club 47 W 20th Street NY NY First 100 free before Midnight 10$ with printed Flyer or music instrument, 15$ without See Flash animation Flyer: http://reverendp.club.fr/sunnydaynycflyer.htm Listen 2 Online Mixes http://reverendp.club.fr/newstuff/try2/sunnycrew/mixerRp_v7.swf Get on SUNnyDAY NYC mailing list, photos and more http://www.sunnydaynyc.com Reverend P from Paris website http://www.reverendp.com _________________ Peace and be Wild
  2. ReverendP from Paris Mixes

    Party People Let's Get Funky! Listen 2 Online Mixes (DeepHouse, and Exotic Grooves) http://reverendp.club.fr/newstuff/try2/sunnycrew/mixerRp_v7.swf Reverend P from Paris website http://www.reverendp.com NEXT PARTY THIS FRIDAY @SPIDER CLUB See Flash animation Flyer: http://reverendp.club.fr/sunnydaynycflyer.htm
  3. NEXT SUNnyDAY Next SUNDAY Hello and once aain thank you for the vibe of last party it was so nice, well we're back on sunday Let's burn the disco out together and share music and love vibrations So Rendez Vous SUNnyDAY JUNE 19TH 9PM SOULFUL HOUSE and Exotic Grooves Dance and shoot on the SOULFUL mix of REVEREND P from PARIS, PHIL D and Go Kiryu Opening set Jose G still at PINK ELEPHANT,73 Eighth Av NYC B/W 13th & 14th ST DRESS CODE : BE YOURSELF or YBU $5 with printed Flyer CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW : http://www.sunnydaynyc.com reverendp online mix: http://reverendp.club.fr/newreverend/home.htm
  4. Reverend P From Paris Online Mix

    hope u'll b there
  5. Reverend P From Paris Online Mix

    hi all new mix online to listen to mixes click on the link below:dj: http://reverendp.club.fr/newstuff/try2/sunnycrew/mixerRp_v7.swf hope you'll enjoy it and it makes you want to join our House Party friday may 27th clic http://www.sunnydaynyc.com for guest list and more info peace
  6. Hello all. There is a new Sunday party that is generating a lot of excitement even before its debut party. What do you get when you put the underground house crowd with Brazilians? A frenzy that has been rarely duplicated since the Garage closed. If you enjoyed partying at the Garage, Loft, 54, Area then this is the place for you. Welcome to the Sunnydaynyc party, featuring acclaimed international French DJ Reverend P spinning underground soulful house and garage classics and doing the opening set New Yorks' and Williamsburg's own D.J-Gold warming the turntables with exotic grooves. This party will shine on Sunday, April 24th and May 1st at the Pink Elephant, 73 Eighth Avenue, (bet. 13th and 14th Street), NYC - from 6:00pm to 12:00am. LIVE PERFORMANCE BY: GARY MICHAEL WADE. Whats even more crazy about this event, is that there is NO COVER CHARGE. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW: http://www.sunnydaynyc.com reverendp online mix: http://reverendp.club.fr/newstuff/try2/sunnycrew/mixerRp_v7.swf peace and be wild
  7. Reverend P From Paris Online Mix

    only 5 days before the party get ready
  8. Reverend P From Paris Online Mix

    listen to reverendp spinnin', click the link below : http://reverendp.club.fr/newstuff/try2/sunnycrew/mixerRp_v7.swf come and party with us SUNDAY 24th 6pm @ PINK ELEPHANT, click the link below http://www.sunnydaynyc.com PEACE AND BE WILD