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  1. What Time At Crobar?

    ARE YOU KIDDING ALL OF US? THAT IS THE STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD SOME IDIOT SAT ON A MSG BOARD....... Bro, you are a serious fucking jackass to make statement of some nonsense like that. Before you make judgement do a little research like listen to him dj. DJing is the topic of discussion.....isnt it? Yea he has done a few mixes for a couple majors that could be considered commercial, but you just proved you dont know too much about the underground. BTW-THESE ARE FACTS NOT OPINIONS.
  2. Vic Calderone AFTERHOURS @ Crobar, Sat 4/23

    i dont think it will go until 5p plus you want to get there for TKC at 2a! It will be serious and intese not long and drawn out.