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  1. Hello People !!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm joing in. Hello freak shows.
  2. Sex Board???

    I'm ready if you are.
  3. New Sex Board??

    yeah she was a v. I married her too. wrong thing to do. been pouncing around ever since I left her.
  4. Freebasing

    I have been there before myself. I must say that I really do enjoy it. I use it more for a party night than an everyday thing. It became that way for a few months once, but luckily I was able to settle down a little. there is nothing like the feeling that comes over you, and as far senses go. Well, let's just say X doesn't have shit.
  5. New Sex Board??

    I once went over three years. I had decided to hold out for a certain girl, but that shit didn't work. Now I am all about sticking the dickie in a the warm spots. I love eating it, slapping it, and sticking it!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah!!!!!!!