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  1. From New york to Chicago Help!!

    Looking for a great house club to go to on the weekend of August 4th Great music, hard dancing , and casual dress ??? CRobar? or Smart bar any suggestions!!!
  2. Pachita Question?????

    is that inthe room down stairs?????
  3. DOOr man At pacha a Joke ,To Mr Morillo

    Im sorry your mom was working the front door tell that bitch to chill ... if youre going to try to snap get some skills steroid breathe
  4. We went to Pacha on friday, Had a great time but... When we came to the door the Door Mr Eurotrash who I guess want to be the man with a really corny nose ring (doesnt fit him) didnt want to let us in we were dressed like we always do ie Househeads he said 'this isnt sound factory " well after telling us this we got in ..... with a warning ... and attitude dear Mr doorman you are obviously not from New york when sound factory was here you were tending sheep somewhere wondering what america is like ..so get off it cuz you wont last long... Mr morillo Get a real new yorker at the door who understands the scene....
  5. Shelter

    Wheres shelter at now???
  6. Morillo was Horrible last night

    Hex, jonny, others off the hook, Erick so so , First time back since it was sound factory looks nice had a great time but the door man was a joke .....Euro trash with his fake diamond nose ring acting like he was the shit ..... did nt like the way we dressed ie HOUSE HEADS got in any way get a life mr door man Made a comment " this isnt sound factory" Let me give you a little enlightenment Mr doorman .... you probably wasnt even in this country when it was Sound factory probably tending to your sheep somewhere else get a new yorker at the Door!!!
  7. Cops raid and shutdown 7 clubs

    oh and if youve ever been there when you get a bunch of crackheads falling all over you, youll want your money back
  8. Cops raid and shutdown 7 clubs

    believe me they know I use to work there
  9. Cops raid and shutdown 7 clubs

    Well we all know this happens every once in a while, amateur drug dealing night, not that I encourage it but get it together. YOUR SLOPPY OUT THERE! These clubs will be open again soon But Ive seen a worse drug scene try Show on sundays its disgusting!!
  10. Real Dancing Verses Tricks

    Im an old school cat brought up in Chicago where we use to tear up the old WAREHOUSE, Medusas ,AKA, Ive been in the NY house scene since the 90s Raves and lve the old clubs and the new , Ive break danced and house danced all my life but lately Ive seen dancing in the house clubs slowly go from good dancing to "Icant take it anymore" Dont get me wrong I know everyone cant dance and I truly appreciate one that tries and I smile when I see one who really feels the Music, but I want to know if anyone out there feels the same. Tricks are fine but to really feel the music and flow thats a true Househead.
  11. Rave Chicks vs Club Chicks

    I hit alot of clubs and parties BUT I want to know where are my my RAVE girls at???????!!!! Love a girl who can dance to all types of house, Club girls stick to the lounges give me a girl who can dance, Sneakers baby !!!!
  12. Element

    We went to element and the place was beautiful BUT the house music was in the lounge area which gives you no room to dance, any one know when they play house in the main room?
  13. Element?? House?

    We went to cielo after element to see Tania Vulcano stayed until 300 Where was she? Anyone know
  14. Element?? House?

    Went to Element on Friday expecting alot more. Was told the Twisted party was upstairs but it was in the lounge. does anyone know when they play or if they play house in the main room?
  15. Element

    Anyone know the dress code there (Element?)