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  1. JP has lost his touch... he was the shit at one point but has has gone downhill.... this party will be good because of the girls not because of his music sorry to say just my 2 CENTS
  2. nyc bangers

    in dieing need of some new nyc bangers... anyone pleaaaaasssseee
  3. new bangers

    what are some new bangers... havent been out in a while and i need some new beats.... some of those nyc tribal dirty beats any help would be appreciated
  4. Vegas For Cinco De Mayo

    IM comin to Vegas for Cinco De Mayo the 3rd thru the 7th and staying at the Venetian... i know the delahoya fight is on the 5th and Rehab is opening on the 6th so any other good parties ........????
  5. Whats goin on Dec 26th-Jan 2nd??

    Im comin down to miami to visit some friends and family and was wondering what the hot spots will be for the week im there..... whose playin where and whats poppin off let me know and everyone have a safe and great thanksgiving
  6. Halloween Nyc

    Where is everyone goin for Halloween????? Boris, JP, Morillo, Deep Dish whos goin where..... to many choices let me know guyyyysss
  7. they wouldn't let me into Pacha!!!

    bouncers at pacha are the fuckin worst.... me and my two boys got kicked out for being "to rowdy" on the stairs outside.... we were there five minutes once again i knew i shouldnt have attended a jp event
  8. HAlloween in VEGAS

    Im from nj and ive only been to vegas once before and had a blasst.... me any my boys are thinkin of comin down for halloween.... is this a good time to goo?what hotel should we try to get? and where are the partys? any info would be appreciated