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  1. Cheer's oldtimer mate, reckon thats a bit far to be getting any taxi back downtown though! unless they're doing tourist discounts at 80%!
  2. We're visitng from England this week, where abouts is this? is it for from Manhattan?!
  3. Danny Howells @ Spirit, Fri 9/9

    Danny Howells is easily in the top five dj's in the world IMO, he freakin rocks it everytime I've seen him. you can see by his face he's loving it too. I'm from England and we're coming to NY on Wednesday, was hoping someone wicked was gonna be on over there when we're there....can't wait for this! anyone got any tips on good warm-up bars for beforehand?
  4. Guest lists

    Yeah kinda thought that was the idea. Guest lists over here are either proper guesty, where you get in for nothing, you know the dj/promoter or someone who works there etc or the paying guest list, open to any members or people who call up, its the same price as people paying on the door pay but you get in before them if there is a queue. We're into house full stop, no cheesey hard house shit or trance to be honest. Usually just proper driving bass-driven house. Tech, prog, jackin'. Love it all really from U.S house (thats what we call the funky soulful stuff) to dark as fuck prog. I dj over here in England, mainly deep, jackin' west-coast house. Not really into the shite clubs where everyone just wants to be seen, obviously its a bonus if the girls are cute as fuck but its all about the music for me. We're only over there for a week but planning on a massive session when we get there,gonna go nuts and make the most of it. Probs stay clear of the stuck up their own ass clubs. We get there on a Wednesday night, heard thats a good night out over there, any suggestions where to go? We are staying on the bowery somewhere, think its in/near Greenwich Village
  5. Guest lists

    Cheer's Glowgirl. How much are drinks and things in the clubs over there, beer's & spirits that is
  6. Guest lists

    alright everyone, Joined the forum a while ago now trying to find out the crack for clubbing over there. I'm from England and me and a couple of "mates" are coming over in September for a week. Been looking around on the net for which will be the best nights to try out but wonder if any of you can shed any light on the whole "guestlist" thing over there. what's the score with all these emails I've been getting promoting nights since I joined here saying guestlist for here there and everywhere, can you not just turn up at clubs and pay to get in like normal?! Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question to you all but guestlists over here are usually only for dj's/friends and "guests" if you know what I mean, people who don't have to pay to get in. are we going to have to get on paying guest lists to make sure we get into the clubs? Nice one, cheer's in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this! Graham
  7. Best Clubs in NY?!

    I'm completely with you on this mate, what the fuck is the point in having your own style and changing it to suit a venue?!! I'm not one for slagging off particular dj's coz if they are out there then they are doing better then me but i'd like to think that if i was out there playing internationally then I wouldnt change for anyone, the Stones wouldnt play thrash metal would they?!?! Jessynergy, you sound "sound as fuck" as we say over here. Good points about clubbing! big, huge nights are good for small festivals like Creamfields or Homelands but smaller clubs are better as long as its not that small that there's only room to pick your nose;) We go to a club called Shindig in Newcastle which has a 1200 capacity which seems like a lot but its a wicked club with two rooms and is always a wicked atmosphere.
  8. Best Clubs in NY?!

    Well there's only two of us going over there so won't be like a big group of pissed lads truning up at the door, cheer's for the tip though....we won't be turning up looking sloppy either, didnt mean a scruffy pair of trainers and a sweaty tshirt;) Mockett mate, your a lucky get like, that would be wicked, hope it's living up to expectations!...
  9. Best Clubs in NY?!

    Yeah, was just trying to get an idea. Had a look at a few websites/listings now and Avalon seem's a bit too hard/cheesey musically for me. think we'll just go wherever we can that's got someone good on. Wanna try and go somewhere thats typical NY too though, catch some residents or some local talents, no point only going to see dj's that i can see every week at Shindig. Mockett, did you get a visa to stay over there or can you not say?
  10. Best Clubs in NY?!

    Hope i aint started a rivalry argument here...sounds strange to me to hear people talk about age limits between 21 & 18, they are nearly all 18 over here, well the good clubs are. Whats the legal age fro drinking over there?! There are loads of pisshead clubs where you have to be 21 but they aint worth going to anyway unless you want a fight and to pull chics. the music is defintely the most important thing for us but the vibe has to be right too, no point going if the people there are gonna do your head in and annoy you. Think we will have to try a few out, i'm sure we are gonna have a top time anway, first time either of us will have been there. I've wanted to visit for years but never got round to it, can't wait, i'm hopefully gonna be trying to move over there for a year next summer so gonna use the trip to try and make some contacts. Don't suppose any of you are friendly with any promoters, recording studios or live music venues?. I'm a recording engineer and do a lot of live work aswell. Been dj'ing professionally over here for about four years to, late bars and back room's in clubs, would love to get some work over there dj'ing. Anyway, cheer's for all the advice guys and gals, lookin forward to it!
  11. Best Clubs in NY?!

    Cheer's Skaka, I had already heard of Crobar but Spirit and Cielo sound wicked, have to try and get a night at both. Would love to catch Danny Tenaglia in Cielo by the sound of it, only ever seen him in Ibiza. Whats the dress code like in these places?, bit of a tshirt & funky trainers kind of guy myself, much more comfortable for getting wrecked.
  12. Best Clubs in NY?!

    Wicked, cheer's everyone, looks like some top nights on over there. Guess We'll just have to keep our eye's peeled closer to the tie to see whats happening. anyone know if Frankie Knuckles plays out much in NY? Would be great to see him over there
  13. alright everyone, just joined the site and thought I'd put a post up to say hi to all. I'm from Newcastle, England and planning a trip over to NY in september with a friend. We are both house heads, Funky Chunky, prog whatever (apart from hard house!) DJ's we admire prob people like Deep Dish, Steve Lawler, Nic Fanciulli, Derrick Carter, Sasha, quite a broad range anyway. just thought some people on here might be able to tell us a bit more about clubbing over there, whats the best nights?... Hope a few of you can shed some light, we're really looking forward to the trip, cheer's in advance! Graham