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  1. Divine

    As iu look to the havens
  2. WOW

    Too much hair spray
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    I love the black and white
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    or at least trying to be
  5. Trying to Get In

    The thing is i was up there for school since i was 17 so i never got to really go out in NYC while i was down here so i am completely new to the area so to speak
  6. Trying to Get In

    Morer towards the event planner or a host. I did alot of the work in the club (decorating, guest list, organizing shows, dealing with performers) while my boss was picking up djs from the airprot and going to meetings.
  7. Trying to Get In

    No Thanks i like Subway better
  8. Trying to Get In

    Yum Yum
  9. Trying to Get In

    My boss did because he needed one because he was spreading him self out to thin
  10. Trying to Get In

    Hello. My name is Gregory Taylor. I am 21 and I just moved back to New Jersey a couple of weeks ago. I was living in Providence Rhode Island for about five years and I worked for the larges nightclub in the state for four of them. I was a promoter assist and helped plan and decorate for a lot of large parties. For the past two years I have the security staff supervise for the clubs Sunday night event. The reason for this message is that I am interested in getting in to the scene in New York because being in Providence was starting to stifle my talent. If any body can help me out with this that would be great.