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  1. A Note About Crobar!!!!!

    Quickly become a has been location in NYC... It seems like every club in NYC has its own 6 months of being the it place and then becomes the has been location... Crowd really is either 12 or drinking martinis... Place is wack
  2. Afterhours Tonight?

  3. Spirit Tonight Anyone Going?

    Bro, What Time Are You Heading There/?
  4. Afterhours Tonight?

    Any Suggestions?
  5. Spirit Tonight Anyone Going?

    ? lol
  6. sound factory

    Who cares...Club was overated in so many ways... Old school places like Tunnel and Twilo make FActory look like Exit!
  7. Spirit Tonight Anyone Going?

    Lol Sure...if I Dont See You And You See A White Boy W/dreads W/a Hottie Next To Him Come Say Hi...im Not Good W/recognizing Ppl On E U Know Lol...
  8. Spirit Tonight Anyone Going?

    Got any K to sell lol or share lol................
  9. Spirit Tonight Anyone Going?

    Yo, I saw this guy spin at Spirit about a month ago. It was gay night but in all honesty who cares. You go for the music and the feel not anything else. Anyway every club this weekend is going to be prom annoyance but out of all the music, djs this guy takes you to a place that very few take you in your head... Anyone else going?
  10. This Weekend What's Goin On?

    Cro, Spirit Or Something Else? Any Suggestions? [email protected]
  11. \/ictor [email protected] revew

    Yo, that was the best music i've heard spun in a real long time! and that bodybuilder chick was scary...
  12. Crowbar Last Night!

    was off the charts! def need more parties like that there! and about spirit. they should of known you cant duplicate greatness in a club!