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  1. Good Names For A Nightclub

    what about sin? if you are thinking along those lines?
  2. Good Names For A Nightclub

    Thats cool, thanks for the info, I remember seeing q burns at soma the night before we did a tent at the sun fest that roofless used to do out there.
  3. Mr Freeze (Rock Steady CREW)

    nice, the rock steady crew definately is a must see.
  4. I live in k.c. Will definately hit ya up next time I am out there.
  5. I hear ya. I was dancing a lot, than I had no idea what to do to that stuff. got a chance to sit down and rest though. It was good to see some breakers there for a while. made me feel like I was back at home.
  6. I know, I have never heard that stuff before, it was like opera trance or something?
  7. I would, I am back in kc now though, don't know when I am going to make it back to vegas, hopefully soon. Do you know who played after her?
  8. Good Names For A Nightclub

    yep heise_2099
  9. Good Names For A Nightclub

    no kidding? for work? or you do events out there too?
  10. Good Names For A Nightclub

    hahaha, something like that actually happened to me in vegas this past weekend, at the HOB at 80's night on friday. These 4 chicks asked us act like we were together so these douches would leave them alone. How often you go to STL?
  11. Cool thanks, She was pretty good, liked it toward the end when she got more housey and funky. Does she have any mixes for download?
  12. Good Names For A Nightclub

    hahaha. yep. I know excatly what you mean.
  13. Good Names For A Nightclub

    Hahahahaha, yes I have hit it up a couple of times, always a good end to the night in the STL, It is right by all the strip clubs over there. E STL is not a good place to get lost. lol. It gets crazy in the place, than around 6am when it closes, watch out. hahaha. One weekend there after it closed went back to STL hit a regular bar that opens at 6am and drank all the next day till the clubs opened back up.
  14. Good Names For A Nightclub

    I am in KC, but go to stl for some bigger shows, let me know next time you head out this way. KC is actually got some good shows coming up too, James Zeibila is coming in July, along with Andy Caldwell from Naked Music, BT, Junkie XL, Meat Beat Manifesto and some other good ones. A friend of mine does most of the bigger shows here in kc, and does some in STL, Omaha, and he just started doing some in vegas at Tabu and Studio 54 I think.
  15. Good Names For A Nightclub

    hahaha, yep yep. Do you come out to Missouri much?