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  1. hi. Ilive in georgia and here in tbilisi there are few people which are listening to electronic and dance music,but in our town popular style is:latino house and break beat.my favourite is progressive/breakbeat/trance/minimal!Im interested which style is more popular in usa and in other countries of the world.
  2. clubers need help!

    Hi im korpusa! I live in georgia in tbilisi ! I hope somebody know this country ! I was great cluber because we had in tbilisi great club wich name was "adjara music hall"! in this club were been DJis like chris fortier , phil moonface thompson , freq nasty , funkstar deluxe ,anthonny pappa ... but this club year ago was closed now there is now normal club in my town and people cant go in good place to here normal music ! My friends and I decided to make company like "HMG" its a "House Music in georgia" !we decided to ask some help to clubers and people who live in other country and like clubing ! we want help not only with money ! we want some advices how to create normal club , or you know people who can help anything what you can! If you can help us or give advice like that contact me on e_mail:[email protected]! we would be very glad to see your mesage ! PLEASE HELP!