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    hey guys, im new here and was just wondering what are some of the better places to go....to dance, drink, meet girls, etc. Ive been to Crobar (had a great time, lots asians there, lots of guys there, but still a good crowd of ladies were in the house and a great time was had by all), Webster Hall (it seems to not get much press because it is "dirty" there, however we bought the 'ezpass' for $50 which means open bar all night long, and totally worth it, had a great time there although it shuts down at 5 am), and Spirit (got there at 1 am for Junior Vasquez, was empty at that point, lied to about a guest list and had to pay $30 to get in, was much smaller than I expected it to be and around 3 am it started filling up and then I realized either its a gay bar or just on that particular night and there were very, very few girls there). Any random information appreciated, places to check out, etc. Thanks