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  1. MAY 27TH: CRUNK N FUNK: featuring the CLUB 1100 trio of David McNeary, Matt Dimond and Brian Weir plus Bons Johnson, Sergio Santos and Mike Walsh. These are the kids your mother warned you about. The Club 1100 trio of David McNeary, Matt Dimond and Brian Weir have for the past two years been hosting parties in their Brookline apartment, affectionately dubbed Crunk N Funk by a wise and sober patron. The Brookline neighbors love these parties for their sophistication and the good manners of all those in attendance. The trio has already taken their party to Montreal's Stereobar, bringing a great house vibe with a solid dose of electro-funk to our friends up north. Brookline always weeps when these parties move out of town, but after much cajoling, the little town of Brookline has graciously allowed the trio to move their party to RISE on May 27th. The Club 1100 dorks will be joined by Bons Johnson, Sergio Santos and Mike Walsh at RISE for this special night. Don't miss the chance to start your holiday weekend with a bang with extra mayhem at this special night at RISE. 1:30 am to 6:30 am Members: $10 Guests : $15 If you need passes, please find me wearing a RISE staff shirt tonight at Avalon. I will be there from 11 until 12:30pm as I have to leave early so I can get ready for the night. Whixx