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  1. Pretty Interesting

    I thought this was pretty interesting: Beef is Real: A Soldier's Story Tuesday - April 25, 2006 Darryl Gudmundson Hip Hop in Iraq - Soldiers are finding a new way to express themselves in times of war. With More than a dozen of soldiers have gotten together to create an album. The Hip Hop CD, titled Voices from the Frontline , is the vision of Los Angeles music producer Jason Speilman. Spielman spent two years in Iraq seeking out soldiers to tell their stories after he got his inspiration from a documentary with parents reading the prose for their sons and daughters across seas. The album also uses spoken word interludes from soldiers while on battlefields. Stories include tales of battle scars, their feelings on the war and their musings on home and family. "This ain't for a paycheck. This ain't for us to be known. This is for somebody to understand a soldier's life," states Sgt. Chris Tomlinson of Delaware on the album While the album may not contain the most talented in the rap game, it may be some of the most inspiring things to come out of Iraq. The record label producing the album; Crosscheck Records plans to donate 5 percent of sales to Operation AC, a non-profit started by Frankie Mayo(mother of Tomlinson) which sends troops useful and sometimes non replenished items like boots, gloves and socks. "People think about rap music today and think it is all about thugs, but the young people who are doing this have been through war," said Mayo. They are so far beyond the 'chicks and rims' things. It is real." Here’s the link: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.4075
  2. The war in iraq on EP

    Whether you’re for the war or against it, one thing most people agree on is that they’re for the soldiers, cuz these cats more times than not aren’t particularly zealous about risking their lives. Newayz it seems that this label Crosscheck records noticed that a bunch of the soldiers would freestyle in order to sorta lay their troubles to rest and air their emotions. So of course now the soldiers have an album. I was a little skeptical at first, but its actually pretty dope. And sorta saddening cuz you see that these are just everyday people out there in somewhat of a living hell. Check it out. www.voicesfromthefrontline.com or www.myspace.com/voicesfromthefronline
  3. First CD you Bought?

    I just picked up Lost Boyz Forever 10th Anniversary edition (classic album) and it reminded me that the first CD I purchased was Lost Boyz – Legal Drug Money 10 years ago. Some of us took longer than others to go from tape to CD. But it took a good album to make me think I needed a CD player. What was that album for you and how long have you been buying CD’s?
  4. Yo did u check it, Layzie Bone's newest release 'It's Not A Game' broke into the top 100 last week and got a really good review in VIBE Magazine. Who else has heard the album? I especially like the track 'Do Your Thang' that he did w/ Krayzie and Felecia...it's definitely a club banger
  5. Lost Boyz New Album!!

    dont no one know where to get it from?
  6. layzie bone's new album

    i just picked up the album, its amazing!!! Layzie Bone is back!
  7. Lost Boyz New Album!!

    keep riding where'd u hear that from? I see it on tracklist but where'd u find it. And is freaky tah on it?
  8. layzie bone's new album

    yo did n e 1 see that cat layzie bone's appearance on the late late show last thursday? it was off the hook, i gotta give it to that cat. he and krayzie along w/ felecia rocked the joint. Layzie's new solo album 'it's not a game' drops tomorrow, i can't wait!
  9. Lost Boyz New Album!!

    All my east coast hip hop fans have to love Lost Boyz. Especially the old Legal Drug Money joints like Renee and Channel Zero. If so than you will be happy to hear that despite the death of Freaky and the incarceration of Spigg, they are able to make another album. No not really a new one but something for cats listenining pleasure like a greatest hits with some unreleased stuff in the same old school hip hop style we used to love. Lost Boyz Forever is gonna drop on June 21st marking the 10th anniversary of the Lost Boyz. As an old school Lost Boyz head, I'm definently looking forward to copping this. What about yall?