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  1. Doom:

  2. Felix Da Housecat

    Hey dick.... you want to call me out for bringing AVALON to Spirit, but then you love the DJ's I book???? Have fun at the old avalon with your fist pumping guido's and local dive bar DJ's. Come out to Spirit next saturday for a taste of how a club should be run. I'll give you $5 off admission if you show up before 11 you little shit stain.
  3. Richie F*kKin Hawtin June 3rd @ AVALON

    A quick statement on Avalon: To all the patrons that enjoyed avalon over the last year and a half, we are sorry it came to this. Management was very happy with the current situation, but i wasnt, and i control who is allowed in the dj booth, so i am more powerful than them. I wanted AVALON to be a gay club, because I love hot man juice. I love man spray on my face. So you will see avalon return very soon with my world famous AVALAND gay party on Saturdays because i love gay man meat. thank you fedor
  4. Attn : all Avalon Clubbers!!!!

    oh, and if you need me just look for a short guy wearing a blazer that went out of style 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Attn : all Avalon Clubbers!!!!

    I work for avalon, so I SAY WHO IS ALLOWED IN THE BOOTH. I even like to go to Avalon NYC and lick steve porters balls by throwing VIP's out of the booth just so porter has more room! And if they get loud with me, I just tell everyone that I work for Avalon, and I AM THE DIRECTOR OF PROMOTIONS! mom aren't you so proud of me?????