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  1. Clubbing Etiquette

    Don't shout in my friggin ear no matter how loud it is, just speak at a slightly elevated volume. When you are so close to my ear and you shout it sounds like I am listening to the teacher from Charlie Brown sent through a trashcan and amplified by megaphone. Don't cut in line at the bathroom, we all have to go, wait it out. If you can't stand up, sit down. Don't abuse the smoker's code, Only ask once if I have a cigarette, I am not a vending machine no matter how much I may look like one. Same for pictures, I am not a photographer, only ask once. Lastly if you want to go back to my house, warn me ahead of time if you have any mental problems, heart conditions, warrants, psycho ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, or tendancies to steal. I know it's all peace and love out there, but respect is nice one too.
  2. Tiesto In Concert Roll Call

    If I can find $70 laying around my house I'll be right on it.
  3. Shadow Lounge Reunion @ Nocturnal!

    David Padilla, Man I miss that guy...
  4. PICS and DUI Checkpoints

    So I was at Space the other night, and I was certainly enjoying myself probably a good $800 or so more than I should have - the VIP area. At any rate I am so bad with pictures it seems as though someone should have some various shots of the whole scene. Anyway on to part 2, not a personal experience but these DUI checkpoints seem a bit out of control these days.... i know no one drives drunk right,,,, at least without the proper training, hell no on can drive sober these days so the suprise is not in my face.... at any rate she got caught with no insurance card so she was arrested , needless to say she was legal it just wasn't in her car, hate the bullshit we need a service to warn us of the bullshit out there, text messaging and WiFi should be enough, help each other.... Sketch me once shame on me, Sketch me twice I'll marry you....
  5. Ferry @ Space... rollcallllllllllll!!!

    Can't wait to get in there....