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  1. didn't Sergio bust this ho-bag out about 3 years ago at joeys? come up with some new shit
  2. Its official the entire DEKO crew is out of the Jersey shore!!! I guess you cocky pricks been served notice!! Your out your dumb ass outfits stupid promo ideas there all done!!! JERRY X = fired VSOTO = fired And all you other pretenders!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU BITCHES LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Attn Rumormill Who Cant Go Anywhere

    You don't have the juice to get me thrown out of anywhere. I would say getting me thrown out of Surf is about as likely as you growning up! BITCH!
  4. I would bet ever last dollar that if we stood in front of Frank at Surf or Dean or Joey Jr. or Sr and you told that I just spit in your face and kicked you in the nuts and I admitted to doing they still wouldn't throw me out. They would tell you to suck it up, bitch! I never threatened you or anyone. I just think its funny that your still lurking while 90% of people your age have jobs stopped livin off mommy and daddy and have started families.
  5. Yes, Hi, these are my personal invites to my b-day bash, I would really dig it if you showed up. So I could look around the club and say yes I'm not that kid they picked on in High School. SEE SEE I HAVE FRIENDS. If only my clasmates from school could see me now with my giant sunglasses ans retarded clothes, I showed them, yes I'm a nightclub superstar. Binoy, nice to see you stick up for your friend but come on dude your like 30 now doesn't your family have a gas station or 7-11 you should be running. God, this Deko was ego crazy to start now they think they run the shore, somebody come and deflate these wanna-be fairies.
  6. Elite Ent Dj Challenge @ Surfclub Sunday

    IF YOU PROMOTE AND ARE OLDER THEN 60 then you can challenge VIPTECH for the biggest loser in the free world...........
  7. Shit, You gotta be 36 or 37 by now haven't found what to do with yourself? Take a good look around all of the people you started going out with are gone. HINT: GIVE IT UP LOSER
  8. He's a little wanna-be fag who thinks he has a million friends but without him working in the club scene he would see them disappear quickly. Just like this other guy VSOTO, dude your a pretender. These Deko guys have about 7000 promoters, they just bother the hell out of me with all I know this one and that one crap, ahh its so yesterday.
  9. Yorkshire Terrier - For Sale

    I would like to cross breed one with my bull mastiff
  10. Another DEKO Exclusive-Victor Calderone

    Joe Armenio and Binoy are both having gastric bypass surgery live on stage at Deko, while Victor Claderone spins. You know guys are just the most creative in the biz. Also, Victor Soto will be having his adams apple removed and penis shaped in a vagina. That way it will all go together with the make-up he wears.
  11. I saw a couple a bouncers from Tempts talking about "Fat Murray" returning to work this week. Is this the guy that used to be at the door at almost every club awhile back? I thought someone said had died.