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  1. whats up this weekend

    Thanks for the help may be see you at one of the spots
  2. Dude, Where is My Scene?

    sounds good what time is good to show up at thanks
  3. whats up this weekend

    I agree but since it is my only weekend here what is the best place to go hear some good music.
  4. whats up this weekend

    I notice that this weekend seems to be a gay pride week end how do you think the clubs will be. peter rauhofer is spinning at spirit how do you think it will be. Any other info would be cool. Just trying to find a good spot this weekend thanks
  5. If you know any afterhous that would be cool. Also what time is cielo open till thanks for your help
  6. How late is cielo open till and did you say there was an afterhours there too
  7. coming to nyc jun 24 25

    The first one is a joke right? The second old school party, how is the venue has anyone been there. Do you think that is the best option, with all the djs will it be multi rooms style thanks again
  8. Hello You guys have helped before and it was great so I wanted to see what you recomended for jun 24 and 25th. I like a good crowd old twilo feel. Music progressive trance. The main reason I am asking is becuase I dont see any headliners spinning that weekend. Can anyone point me in the right direction. thanks