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    im a photographer for clubplanetNYC.
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  1. pics from Avalon, 7/1/05

    micro-- point taken. i just didn't suspect the comments would be so harsh. the pictured people were what made the night fun, and i'd hate to have them read the crap comments from the peaunt gallery.
  2. pics from Avalon, 7/1/05

    wow. you all are so mean! seriously, now: why? just because they dont look like they'd be on an E! HOLLYWOOD SPECIAL doesn't give you all the right to criticize and put them down. all the other pictures were full of girls with boobs hanging out an no, my pictures don't reflect that. these are real people having fun with friends and listening to great music. where were you all last night? sitting at home, reading the boards? maybe you all were in the long line outside and didn't get in. doors open tonite at 10...get off your ass and show me the beauty you all must portray. lay off, for crying out loud.
  3. pics from Avalon, 7/1/05

    to those of you looking for pics from last nite at avalon, i'm having a few technical difficulties getting them up on the gallery -- i'll try and have them up soon. but for right now, check out a few below...