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  1. Edge Tribute Night with Mike Sharpe!

    Is a shame. here is DREWS reply and i whole heartedly agree with him. I'd like to see a party... without "The Edge" tag line... in South Florida... done with the same promotional energy and production value (by today's standards or course)... I'd like to see a new breed... mix with what is left of the old breed... come together... I'd like to see some inspiration... I'd like to see some conviction... Everything has become so dollar orientated that the customer always loses. What ever happened to building a community of peers? Electronic music culture was so promising. Where did it all go wrong? (besides Dj's like Oakenfold and clubs like Space) I didn't expect it to take over the world, but I did expect it to evolve... I expected to see it permeate all of our lives coax, prod, and inject our convictions into the future but instead I see our pasts being remembered more for how much drugs we took rather than how many hearts and minds were opened through all of our experiences. Maybe I am being negative... I'm not trying... I wouldn't want to relive or go back to the past... not because it wouldn't be amazing, but because I only want to reach towards the future... I just wish I could see kids (age 18-24) be as hopeful and open minded as I remember the kids around me were then. I wish I could see the tides begin to swell again. I know MY head is there... I just can't seem to reach everyone around me. Sorry for vomiting that up~! (just got off work) Cheers! ~Drew You guys use the edge name because you are trying to make a buck. You throw these partys that have nothing to do with the edge because you are trying to capitalize on something you were not a part of or Know nothing about. Be original. Build soemthing worth while. Give people something worth the cover you charge. Do more than book a few Djs. Do something that will help the scene and electronic music grow. Jaysen
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    Timo_maas_-_pictures-promo-2005 Truely brilliant work.
  3. Edge Tribute Night with Mike Sharpe!

    Let us set the record straight. 1) None of the edge flyers represented on this so called "EDGE Party" had anything to do with the "Legendary" Edge Fort Lauderdale Late night. They are all party flyers that took place at the edge in Orlando. Hrmmm.. How do I know this? Maybe because I designed all of the flyers for our parties and our regular late night. 2) "The Lollipop Guild" consisted originally of Jaysen Moore AKA DayDREAMn and Andrew Bonjourno AKA Atmospheric Alterations by DREW, later including Bruce Wilcox. It was not just some "rave promoter" it was the friends that founded and built the late night at the edge. 3) Early Contributions to Edge late night go to DJ MOTT, RUFFNECK MASSIVE, Cliff Tangretti, DJ THREE, DJ MONK, DJ GRUMPY, DJ ICEY, DJ KELLY D, DJ STRYKE, DJ R FRESH, KEN COLEMAN, DIGITAL and the group HAVANNA. These were all DJs and ARTISTS on regular rotation at the edge Fort Lauderdale. There were MANY other guests, JOSH WINK, RICHIE HAWTIN, LAURENT GARNIER, KEOKI, DJ DB, MIXMASTER MORRIS, T CONFUSIOUS, DJ MATTY, SPACETIME CONTINUUM, AQUA RYTHMS, OLIVER LIEB, RABBIT IN THE MOON, LUNASOUL, MR MENDEZ and FACTORY VISUALS. I am sure I have left a few out but you get the idea. 4) The EDGE late night grew from a core of 10-15 Ravers hanging around in an empty club to dance until 6am into a regular Saturday night Late night averaging over 1200 Ravers waiting in line at 2am to get in the door. Rockin’ downtown Fort Lauderdale many Sundays until NOON. 5) Edge parties like, “20,000 Leagues Deepâ€, “Emerald Cityâ€, “Return to Emerald City†and “Gateway to a New Consciousness†were not just club nights with a few guest DJs. There were complete productions of light, sound and visuals. The ENTIRE CLUB was transformed inside and out. Completely painted to match the theme of the party. Additional lights, effects and sound were brought in. “Emerald City†for instance, the club was painted as the emerald forest with giant mushroom caps constructed and painted extending out from the walls, a two story glittery green emerald castle on the stage, bubble machines, four giant visual screens hanging in the main room displaying custom animations and clips from the wizard of OZ (FACTORY VISUALS of course) with additional lighting (designed and programmed by DREW). 6) In its hay day the edge in Fort Lauderdale (according to URB Magazine) was the LARGEST, longest running late night dance party in the US. The edge in Fort Lauderdale was a not only a cornerstone, but a driving force in US electronic music and dance culture. There were monthly feature articles in URB magazine about the edge for more than 2 years. 7) Mike Sharpe was not involved in any of that and came onboard at the end of the clubs life. This so called "Return to the edge II" party has nothing to do with the spirit, energy or phenomena know as "the edge". It is a disgrace. Someone should have done their homework here. I am truly insulted with the whole idea. This promoter, whoever they are, is trying to capitalize on a name that they obviously know nothing about. How could they possibly be throwing a party in memory of a place they obviously never went to or was a part of with only one DJ in their lineup whom really ever WAS a part of it, DJ STRYKE? Sincerely, Jaysen Moore aka DayDREAMn