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  1. Hey Everyone, Not here to advertise or spam or anything like that. Just posting a message regarding a service that we started for promoters to use. It is called EZTXTMSG.com. It's a one stop simple solution that allows promoters to create an account, upload cells, and send out text messages - it also gives excellent reporting features (US Map of the subscribers, tells you if people have unsubscribed from your list) - other features included allowing subscribers to import themselves via your website, and your subscribers can automatically unsubscribe themselves from your list if they want - which means they won't get pissed off. A number of promoters in Florida have used the service, and they rave about it. They have sent out messages like "Show this at the door get in free" or get free drink specials, etc. It works wonders. Our next version will support MMS and Ringtone capability - so if a partygoer wants it, they can get a ringtone / flyer on their phone. You can also purchase additional credits if you run out during the month. Check it out and let me know or check out our website @ http://www.eztxtmsg.com - you can email me or contact me: Deepen Shah [email protected] 973-941-5714 Again, not here to spam, just passing a message to people who may be interested in using this service. Thanks for your time.