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  1. Where to go ???

  2. Where to go ???

    Hi guys and girls me and a friend both guys 22 from germany are going to be in august for the whole month in New York only to party so where should we go. We looked at some pictures of the clubs on this website but somehow these people looked really old ( around 30 ) so I would be really happy for any recomandations especially for our age group.
  3. Beach Clubs in or around NYC

    Hey guys thanks but one more question I just went to the homepage of the neptunes beach club and it somehow looked as if the party would be during the day and that it closes at 8 pm is that right??? the beach clubs in europe start parting at night. Could you just tell me how it works with the beach clubs over here
  4. Can anybody tell me if there are good beach clubs in or around NYC?? Me and a friend from germany visit NYC in August and we didn't find any Beach Clubs on this or any other website. Any help?? Thanks