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  1. If you bring a Jar do you get a Jar ?
  2. yea all you really need is a cutout lifesize poster of him and a recorded CD and its like he is there blowing up the place sickkkkest dj yet
  3. Real BBOYS? wheres Mr Freeze when you need him he takes on all challenges
  4. Studio 9 thursday????

    how much are rolls ?
  5. Halloween Saturday Night at Pure (10.29)

    And still as pathetic as ever ....i always wonder about promotions like this do people really go to clubs to see losers like this ?
  6. Real old school Night

    Do you really need a review i mean someone talking about themselves in the third person isnt enough for you ? or maybe BBOY challenge is making you want to go who the fuck talks like this anymore the 80's are fucking 25yrs ago so is break dancing
  7. I have a question..

    Pussy isnt Just for Thanksgiving anymore
  8. Pacha wants you!

    Hey someone give jonathan Peters a call ...............bathroom attendant job is open .......
  9. Tommy Lee Live @ Studio 9 This Saturday

    Retards 1 ..................Promoters 0
  10. this wasnt meant to badmouth deko/abyss i know it sounds like that but its just points that had to be made to someone who thinks their shit smells like roses... they do their thing and thats cool but to make it sound like they invented nightlife............ nigga please
  11. yea you have totally proven that your level of intelligence if far superior than anyone elses on this board i mean that post of you crying about no one caring about nightlife sounded like it came right out of Einsteins Theory of Relativity.
  12. Oh jesus are you fucking kidding me ....get a fucking hobby .....do you realize how fucking painful you sound right now ......you sound like one of those stuck up coke whores you meet in NYC look all hot dont want to talk to you unless you tell them you make 6 figures only drink champagne but at the end of the night they are all drunk sniffing an 8 ball and getting gangbanged by you and a host of midgets So what are you saying we all should take and make going out something so important in our life like getting a job or getting a higher education. Should we all act like we are soo fucking important and glamorous like Paris Hilton and try to live the jet setting lifestyle .... dude you take this way to serious you are soo fucking GLAM...... btw if you think Deko is the be all end all on club management remember they were so good that they were the first people to institute 18 to party in NJ which basically single handedly ruined nightlife in NJ also also got them a nice 1:30 closing ...if they were doing soo fucking great with their international djs idea how come they play hip hop downstairs in a place that fits 500 people Max. How come they cant fill Abyss how about the fact the they over pay international dj's plus pay a bunch of promoters (which btw also ruined nightlife in NJ) in a place that barely can give them back the money to cover the cost of the DJ you really think they are living the highlife over there ???? you are sadly mistaken i bet their margins are worse than many other clubs in NJ but in your head they are GREAT and thats cool but open your mind up past the point of the newest remix and realize that its a business and its a hard business and you should be lucky that there are other places even if they dont have that stuck up elitist attitude you displayed in your post . Stop sounding soo bitter…..