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  1. Help! Newbie June 24-25 Where To Go?

    I think that he means "rofl" which is rolling on the floor laughing
  2. Help! Newbie June 24-25 Where To Go?

    What does a pic have to do with anything? Need to make sure that I meet your standards. :-) Besides, I have no idea how to post a pic.
  3. Help! Newbie June 24-25 Where To Go?

    Haha! 'Tis true my dear boy! Actually my ex-hubby is gay and lots of my friends are gay...not really looking to hook up...just have a great weekend of partying!
  4. Going on a girls weekend out with a couple girlfriends this weekend to NYC (June 24-25) and we have NO IDEA where to even begin. We are looking for a large dance club that plays Top 40/Dance/Hip-Hop type music. Any suggestions? We did not realize that it was gay pride weekend when we planned this trip and are looking for places with hotties to dance with...so straight club preferred. We are 26-32 years old so nothing with little kids either. Would love some help with this! Also, I see places to get on lists and all sorts of stuff. Do we need to do that? Nothing real fancy or upscale either. Just a place to go have fun, drink a few cocktails and dance the night away! Thanks in advance!