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  1. I went to Crobar last night all i have to say is that place in incredible... It was alittle slow, compared at least to how many people can be packed in there but deff. a new experience for me in terms of nightclubs. The lights were nuts, the sound system was top notch (even though the acoustics of the hall is horrible) and even though the drinks were 12 bucks a piece (w/ a 25 cover and $5 ATM service charges) i cant say i was dissapointed. The DJ however left something to be desiresed....... as a part time DJ myself, it was pretty sad to have the DJ drop track after track, with only letting 1 song play for like 30 seconds to 1 min, and that may be generous. There was almost NO mixing involved, and in upstate NY where we have like 50 people sometimes in the club we are working our asses off mixing the music together, mixing accapella & intrumentals etc...... i was hoping for some awesome DJing from that club, didnt happen. Song selection though was on point, so i cant say he wasnt playing awesome tracks (and some tracks that i thought would have bombed in a club did quite well) Anyways thats my opinion on Crobar. In talking to some of the employees they said that the rest of the week is pretty much all techno so its safe to say i wont go there. Any other good hiphop clubs in the area for friday?
  2. Hey guys thanks for the help. Ok so Scopes in the strip bar?? and therefor Crobar should be right next to it? Im mainly a hiphop guy, so i think im going to shoot for Crobar What about Exit? i heard it was a awesome place.
  3. Ok heres the deal. Ive been here since Sunday and im here until Saturday/ Sunday. Ive been trying to find some good places to go out to, since im here by myself and sitting around in the hotel isnt too fun. The other day I found gaslight and Aer on tuesday and both were kinda busy, but tonight i tried hitting like 5 different places and all were either not where they were supposed to be, or were dead (Cielo in the meatpacking district had 10 people in it, and another club in the meatpacking said "no single guys".....) I tried finding Crobar, Nikki and Spirit but the addresses i went to ahd nothing there, expect i found what i think was a strip club around where Crobar should have been.... Anyways, can anyone point me in the right direction??!