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  1. 18+ Clubbing in NYC - HELP!!!

    and... sorry if this makes me sound extreemly dumb but... what does "juicing the bouncer" mean??? lol
  2. 18+ Clubbing in NYC - HELP!!!

    Thanks heaps for the reply... the problem is... I'm not to sure where we're going... All my friends are going clubbing in the city... I'm the only one not 21.. one of them is aparently 'friends' with a guy who does promotions for NYC clubbs and may be able to get me in... I just wanna know if it is worth the trip for me to even go into the city... or if generally it'd be a waste of time if it's pretty difficult to get into clubs if you're under age n I am better off finding something else to do at home (in CT) ...aaaaand i don't have a fake ID (I'm from Australia and drinking age there is 18... so I didn't really think about it when i moved over here 6 months ago...)
  3. 18+ Clubbing in NYC - HELP!!!

    Hey can anyone tell me what the clubbing is like for people over 18 but under 21 in NYC... are there many places that allow 'underage' people in... and are clubs in NYC really strict with ID or are they kinda relaxed about it??? Thanks heaps!
  4. Hi, I am moving to the states from Aus in July. I was wondering if anyone could tell me... is it true that the legal drinking age is 21 over in the states...is this true? and does that mean that clubs are open only to 21+? Can over 18's go clubbing and not drink?