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  1. Sunshine

    i didn't like it at all.
  2. great night! this girl is an incredible dj....i was really really impressed. she should DEFINITELY be getting more bookings. maja played great too, even though he's a redcoat. awesome music all night, glad i went.
  3. Is Cooljunkie Closed??

    jeez, philip, you're more negative than mr. negativity.
  4. Gino's Sucks ***

    spris is good
  5. don't listen to this redcoat. he'd shoot a welshman if he had the chance.
  6. isn't cedric going to be on the groove cruise this weekend?
  7. DJ Battles....

    dj way likes ballet
  8. bingo! this is what made me realize i was an adult, and "ravers" were stupid little kids.
  9. come on guys, plur. please, plur.
  10. "smoothie", not "smoothy". PLUR.
  11. Eric Morillo @ Space Marathon Session

    step one to promoting: spelling the artist's name correctly.
  12. accommodation idea

    DO NOT RENT A CAR!!! you will not be able to drive or park anywhere! you will learn on day 1 that taxis & walking are the only way to move around. you should definitely find another hotel that is south of 20th st. you can rent scooters...they're a lot more fun and easier to get around in. do not get a car, i can promise you that.