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  1. asian invasian at roxy

    I tell it the way I see it. And there's a big difference between you and I... You have a p_u_s_s_y, I don't. Keep'n it real.
  2. asian invasian at roxy

    just wondering... what does this picture have to do with anything? i can find funny pictures too...
  3. asian invasian at roxy

    I was simply making a point to people who didn't recognize the difference between Fob's and Asian Americans. That's it.
  4. asian invasian at roxy

    Bottom line, You don't have to like the people you are at the party with, but you do have to respect. What goes around comes around.
  5. asian invasian at roxy

    I think most people that are pissed off here are Asian Americans as opposed to F.O.B(fresh of the boat) Asians. The difference is, FOB's dance holding hands, while Asian Americans don't.
  6. asian invasian at roxy

    I can't say for everybody, but this is what I think, From the root of it all, Asians living in America have always been treated as an outsider. An outsider... exotic... strange foods... strange sounds... suspicious... axis of evil(haha.. jk) Asians that hang out amongst themselfs do so because they feel comfortable around their own, and secondly, they feel secure. And please remember... Asians are a minority. It's not just Asians only like to hang out with their own, White people like hanging out with White people as well. It's a comfort thing...and I think we all see this in a lot of clubs, bars, lounges. However, the big difference is, Asians are a minority, and therefore it is not up to the minority to reach out to the majority. It is a burden that falls on the majority. It's a fact, Asians are always being treated as "outsiders," no matter how long they've been in the United States, or how "American" they are. Therefore, I guess when Asians go out, they've already gotten used to the idea that they are an outsider. It's really no fault of their own the way I see it.
  7. asian invasian at roxy

  8. asian invasian at roxy

    I am an asian and i go clubbing all the time. To all the white people out there that think that there is an "Asian invasian." Please realize this, almost all clubs are filled with 90% white people. There are only a few clubs where there are a high concentration of Asian or even a diverse crowd. When we go out clubbing regularely. What we usually get are hard stares, prejudice people staring and talking. Unfortunately, usually from white people. Which is fine, because that is the way it is for an Asian man. And besides, we made a choice of going clubbing and mingling. Bottom line is, we don't let these bigots destroy our good times. And hopefully, if people see that we're having a good time, they will relax as well. Realize this, Asians are a minority. And like everybody else, like to have fun and relax. Now, a white person is complaining and infuriated in going to a particular club or event that draw a high Asian concentration. You chose to go, and besides that you're not really even a minority. A white person never has to deal with a bunch of racist and prejudice crap not only at clubs, but in the workplace, school, and just about everywhere! So please, take it easy, go and have a good time. Everybody is there to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Also, next time you feel like a minority at a club, that's exactly how Asians feel 90% of the time at other or most clubs. It's not easy being Asian or a minority. Unfortunately, the truth is, it's going to be a long way before Asians and White people start mingling together at clubs. Let me take a popular quote... "Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,.." However, it's very important we all promote tolerance, patience and diversity everywhere. This will benefit the whole of human society.