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  1. Markus Schulz in So Cal - Saturday August 27

    When Boris covered for Sharam at the deep dish show.. i wasn't even that mad that i didn't get a phat DD set.. Departure caught my ear for sure that night
  2. Lawler fakes it @ Avaland

    tru, defense comes with offense tho. but we probably have at least said whatsup or have a good night, cuz thats how me and my friends like to carry. so party on. Ill be at Zabiela on the 16th and possibly Dubfire the night before. peace
  3. Lawler fakes it @ Avaland

    well said Charlie. if you're having a good time with your people and the music's great.. whats the problem? so what if you think other people are doing this or that.. everyones having a good time. and if you're the ones copping attitude and sacrificing good times because of other people, then maybe it's your problem, not the clubs, other people or whatever else.. have fun a small clubs with local dj's the rest of your life. lol
  4. Ultra Suede & The Factory West Hollywood

    me and some friends went to see Sharam from deep dish here the other night.. and that shit was of the chain! I would go see any big name dj there for a unique show. just make sure it aint 'boys' night u know what i mean