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  1. large group celebrating b-day help!

    Thanks for the feedback. Do you know of any good viphosts??? I just don't want to get screwed.
  2. large group celebrating b-day help!

    got any reccommendations?? There are a lot of horror stories out there.....
  3. large group celebrating b-day help!

    So I have read practically every post on this site and now hopefully have some educated questions. I am coming October 6th-12th with a large group of 15-20 guys and girls to celebrate my 30th B-day. I want to do Saturday night as a whole group thing with dinner and then bottle service somewhere. Is this going to be difficult with the amount of people?? At first I was going to hire someone (VIP service) to handle all the arrangements for me, but after reasearching I'm not sure. I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to coordinate this. Most of the people coming have never been to vegas so I want it to be a night to remember. Plus I'm hoping to take the sting out of 30!! I have been to vegas before for a girls weekend but it was a few years ago. Had bottle sevice at rain and had fun. I am definately looking for fun dance music like hip-hop/top 40/pop NOT trance or techno. I look forward to what all of you vega gurus have to say!!!