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  1. Peter Bailey : Pajama Party : 10pm-7am

    TIK! TOK!!! Oh the WAITING!!! This is going to be SIIICK! :D:D _ I think that's all of them... lol, BUMP!
  2. Peter Bailey : 10pm-7am : Pajama Party

    TIK! TOK!!! Are we there yet!?! This is going to be NUTZ! :D:D
  3. Peter Bailey : 10pm-7am : Pajama Party

    TIK! TOK!!! Anticipation is killing me!!! This is going to be WILD! :D:D
  4. Peter Bailey : 10pm-7am : Pajama Party

    I have to admit that I'm a big fan of that Comic Strip, and Peter Bailey is pretty good too! lol What am I saying, he's absolutely SIIIIIK! Can't wait!
  5. P E T E R : B A I L E Y

    Speaking of which! What's the Afta Dark team wearing for this??? LOL I know what those [email protected]$$ Dancers will be wearing
  6. A N T H O N Y : A C I D : C L A S S I C S

    Absolutely!!! Got a Yukon full of chicks coming with me Well there are two guys going with me on this might too, but they are such MetroSexuals they might as well be girls LOL!
  7. Anthony Acid :: Classics :: July2005

    Now you're asking for a lot there bro! Can't wait, it's THIS Sturday already!
  8. Anthony Acid :: Classics :: July2005

    hey chris, is cookie hot!?? arrange my table reservation next to her j/k!!! hopefully i'll meet you there. should be an absolute blast with these guys running the show.
  9. A N T H O N Y : A C I D : C L A S S I C S

    nice. it'll be a short drive then thanks for the table and hook-ups chris, see you in a couple weeks!
  10. A N T H O N Y : A C I D : C L A S S I C S

    this is an awesome booking! i love the old school muzik from the late 90s and even older. anthony is an incredible dj as well. how far is therapy from the boston area (driving)?