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  1. monday nights

    Another option you cannot go wrong with is Eden @ Studio 54! High energy, good crowd and lots of dancing to be done!
  2. I love knowing there are a few of you whom have experienced or at least can identify with what I have experienced many times. I get ridiculed by many for helping the odd man out. I agree that what goes around comes around ten fold! It should just be the golden rule to help someone who has exceeded their liquid limit, fell in the dance floor or help them laugh it off when they just did something to appear on Americas Funniest Videos. Hey we all do crazy things at times and I hope if I ever trip going up a flight of stairs or walk out of the bathroom with my skirt sprung in the air or get lost in a crowded room, I hope someone comes to my aide! Cheers to any efforts to be charitable to others, I bow down to that!!!!!
  3. This isn't club oriented to you but to me it is! Have you ever had someone judge you for befriending a person whom needed your friendship? No matter how different your cultures and background were? It's happened to me many times. I am an attractive female whom only wants to dance and help others realize their potential but I am judged often for helping ppl who aren't such a "pretty" package. Let me know your experience!
  4. Does anyone know the best place to catch some dj spinning dance music on a friday night in Vegas? Think Studio 54's Eden on tuesday nights-type music. We have been searching for a great place like Eden but on a friday night since we moved here 3 years ago. Are we missing something? What do you think? Any hope for friday?