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  1. Some tracks im feeling right now...

    here a couple i feelin after sunday mr free thank you for everything and crime and candyss traxx part ii music provocatin dub works mix
  2. victor review...

    music was good the vibe was great to bad i could stay later i was so tired lol
  3. victor review...

    he was on point didnt stop dance the whole night it was nice meet u joeyi469
  4. Some tracks im feeling right now...

    yo i dont really post tracks but here you go simon and shaker - the freshness part ii (dformation vocal mix ) depechmode -precious ( victro and macquayle rmx) julian poker reconstruition (chus and ceballos rmx) praise cats - shine on me (jerry ropero and dennis the menace) mazi -orgin(joey youngman rmx) sessmatto - i need somebody (tom novy) superchumbo everything u (alex santer remix )
  5. u got to be kidding me right lol
  6. Some tracks im feeling right now...

    i could of been a dick and said all the tracks u posted sucked ass but i didnt i gave you props on on song the others that u posted are decent at the most
  7. fastfast u def right about the girls i live out here its all bars the clubs scene out is blah
  8. calderone on sunday

    i be there on the second floor
  9. Some tracks im feeling right now...

    lol the only good track you post is black spider track
  10. any 9/11 JP Surf Reviews??

    i heard he sucked end off story
  11. razzous just change the name to pure
  12. me im sick of westchester i only do afterhours in city because of my work schedule but i mean alot of place that have clubs will probably have 18 and over parties im 28 now so i dont like 18 and over parties but they spend money etc lol
  13. yeah it does i been going there for years.
  14. white plains bar scene sucks i was going to thirsty turtle ever weekend but i done with that place
  15. Westchester

    my friend is the house dj hes really good and his boy does hip hop there alot of kids from westchester listen to hip hop i hate it