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  1. Check out my new free beats page this where I will be putting up my free tracks for now on. I will try and put out a free beat a week or more so be on the look out. Thank u guys for your ears and time I greatly appreciate it..... Stay creative. heres the link:
  2. Freestylers - Push up - Da Headcutta Remix follow me at:
  3. Hello people, Look out for my beat tape LAB RESULTS dropping 10-8 on all digital music services its some of my best work I've done so far. The tape has 13 or 15 tracks. If you pre-order on my bandcamp im giving you 2 free beats on top of everything else.Check out the fisrst single DISTANT LANDS on the soundcloud it has been well recieved so far and i hope anyone else who listens will also enjoy it. Here are the links below......THANK YOU ALL VERY KINDLY STAY CREATIVE. LAB RESULTS SOUNDCLOUD BANDCAMP MAIN HEADCUTTA PAGE
  4. Farewell 2 The Wicked - Free Beat main beat page FOLLOW ME ON SOUNDCLOUD
  5. I sampled the the music from the construction level from sor2 its the 1st song that plays as you enter the site. Streets Of Rage Sample - Flip The Streets
  6. Hello ladies and gentlemen I'am trying to put together a FREE project that has any kind of vocal artist artists using my beats to make songs since I know lots of people do so already I would like to put this together.All you would have to do is go to MY SOUNDCLOUD PAGE pick out any of the many free beats make a song to it and send the finished product to my email which is [email protected] .After that I will review the song and e-mail you back letting you know weather you have or have not made the cut. Even if you don't I will make a soundcloud page with all the songs submitted giving all credits where they are due. So please feel free to send me the songs I know a ton of people have downloaded my beats already I would love to hear them and complete this.It will be put for up free download on BANDCAMP.COM once all is said and done. MY MAIN PAGE DOWNLOAD BEATS HERE COMPILATION SC PAGE MAIN PAGE WITH ARTWORK EMAIL [email protected] THANK YOU ALL VERY KINDLY FOR YOUR TIME AND EARS
  7. Coolest alien walking
  8. Pee Pee For My Bunghole Ft. Beavis And Butthead