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  1. After prom parties

    heh i went afterprom for my prom to limelight er i mean avalon (2001)....its still the after prom place to be? awesome.
  2. China Club Sucks

    dont even get me started on webster hall...it has turned z100 as of late. and i agree bout china club too. atleast i get my drinks pretty fast. heh
  3. Tsettos presents classics by the creators

    heres a long shot... anyone possibly got a track listings of what played? lol =) 1) to id some songs i didnt know 2) if XTC or the funeral played and i missed them ill be pissed even more. but if not for a tracklist, theres 2 songs that played in the razor session. one had the hook "i want soul, i want body" or something and two what was that remix of do it again he played? amazing anyone can help me out, thanks http://www.djxstream.com