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    I am an alien guitarist, who toured playing guitar with the late Shawn Dale Barnett, a deaf drummer who actually played with Alice in Chains for a brief time. I had and sold Jimi Hendrix' guitar strap from Woodstock at Sotheby's in Manhattan.
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    Near Woodstock,New York...(Peace?)
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    Buddhism,Poetry,Music,Love,Playing guitar at rave's, whichc is what I have been doing lately,fishing on nice days,watching black and white movies...
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    Anti-Gravitational Magnetic Propulsions Systems Navigator
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    Single...I found my girl dead not long ago...
  1. Hello from The Alien!

    Hello everyone here at Club Planet... Kool site I must say... Just thought I would add some pics and stuff from the last raves myself and my DJ...DJckat played at... We turn the mother out up here in Upstate New York... (So don't think we don't,ok?...lol) Having fun jamming at the clubs up here...it's very weird... All the other DJ's get up there with their two turntables, and then along comes my buddy DJ ckat, (who uses no turntables,just effects boxes and processors and Korg units) and then I'm jamming alongside him on electric guitar also with effects...and we basically have other DJ's sitting down to watch us play! It's kind of weird to go from playing guitar and touring with a Deaf drummer who played with Alice in Chains, to playing guitar at rave's...but hey! It's fun as hell! Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to all the people here and wish them more fun and partying and good times... Peace?
  2. Dance_Floor_2

    Just love playing guitar at rave's when the lights are going...It's funny all the other DJ's have turntables and then here DJckat and I come along...no turntables..only beat boxes and processsors and effects units and me on electric guitar! Talk about jaws dropping!...lol
  3. Flo

    Dear Sweet Flo...
  4. ckat_and_Cazzy3

    Just DJ ckat and Cazzy jamming at the last rave up here in Upstate,New York...
  5. ckat_and_Cazzy_2

    Just DJ ckat and Cazzy jamming at the last rave up here in Upstate,New York...
  6. Cazzy-The Alien Blues Dude

    Just a pic Crinkle Cat took of me at the last rave at Frequency Fridays...