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    i hate fat men who stand in corners at clubs...
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    in wonderland
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    Making fun of sweaty, stinky fags.
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    loves to fuck.
  1. You wanna be Cool like these guys?

    Street names No specific street names but there are a lot of different brands. Some of the common trade names include Durabolin (Nadrolone), Stanozolol and Dianabol. Buying and using them Gyms and body-building clubs are places anabolic steroids are bought and sold. They can be taken in the form of tablets, and are also injected. Effects Can make users feel aggressive so they can train harder. They can also help users to recover more quickly from strenuous exercise. Problems with them Steroids can stunt growth in children and young people and can cause liver damage at any age. Side-effects in men may include a reduced sex drive, lowered sperm count, a reduction in the size of testicles and even the growth of breasts. Heavy, regular use in women can lead to the development of body hair, a reduction in the size of breasts and a deepening of the voice. These effects may be irreversible even after steroid use has ceased. If the drugs are injected with shared equipment, then there are the added dangers of contracting HIV and hepatitis.
  2. Attn Foodidoo fuckin tool

    this was a very interesting read, thanks for the bump.
  3. Attn Foodidoo fuckin tool

    the only one sucking dick here is HYPE, WHOS JOHNNY & MARKYMARC the one and only FAGGET ASSES on NJguido.COM. they cant handle my comments so they have to edit them! what a bunch of PUSSIES! go stand by Georgie's bar and keep panting and sweating staring at his ass.
  4. Markymarc favorite Cereal!

    so does yoooo mama! and its stinky!
  5. Markymarc favorite Cereal!

    why you liked his dick?
  6. WEAK response little boy. is okay? black guys? fat? need dick? you MUST be referring to yourself
  7. Markymarc favorite Cereal!

    the dude who thinks he is superman on here. god forbid he should try some pussy!
  8. Markymarc favorite Cereal!

    always a must before Studio 4
  9. Att: Hype

    ouch that one really hurt! I am on CP last time I checked.
  10. Att: Hype

    Not for nothing Hype but we got 18 YES and only 4 No lol later loser! Have fun monitoring NJguido..
  11. nope, not me scroll up and read the little boy's post.
  12. Att: Hype

    I wish there was an option where I can ignore certain posts that are BORING like this one.
  13. let's take the drama to another thread please. I like Richie and don't wanna post bs on this thread.
  14. Att: Hype

    marymarc-see previous post kostaP acts like a GOD because he as fucken promoter. Rooveen? I don't think it was me. I said that Richie sucks.
  15. Att: Hype

    Awww, poor baby. Apparently I hurt THEHYPE's feelings lol Maybe if you weren't such a nosy fuck I wouldn't had started with you. You REALLY wanted to know what markymarc did to me sooooooooo bad? I hate nosy people like you, that's the ONLY reason I said that shit to you. The fact is that I don't even know that loser markymarc but his posts ANNOYED the fuck out of me...sooo bad that I couldn't help myself but to make fun of him. WTF talks about food all the time when they are really heavy? or giving diet advise? just keep your mouth shout.