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  1. Dt @ Pacha Rollll Calll

    Who's opening?
  2. Cinco de Mayo

    Danny always plays techno, I think he's gonna be the way to go that nite
  3. Is he the better half of Deep Dish? I remember one is the better DJ and the other is more of the Producer..
  4. 10 bucks b4 10....Good fucking deal for Jeff Mills...HIs last 2 parties at pacha were Insanity...Play the bells agaiN!!!!
  5. HE'S GOIN AWAY FOR SOOO LONG, who remembers those goin away parties they use to throw for him back in the day at disco! those were the shit!
  6. Jr Vasquez had a stroke??

    well it wasnt that funny till you just called me an asshat, wtf is an asshat...and it is funny because you dumbasses are getting all upset about it
  7. Jr Vasquez had a stroke??

    lol cant believe some of u actually bought that
  8. anyone else hear this?

    Looking forward to hearin both Richie & Peter afterhours the same night
  10. BORIS Birthday Bash! @ Pacha | Sat 4/14

    Boris Bday and boris classics/ are one of the best parties of the year, place is gonna be crazyyy
  11. I was wondering if he was gonna play classics for this party or if it was going to strictly be a reunion....This quote taken from his board Anyhow, I am gonna sit here and work on my laptop just as I would at the Loft and go through all my files of music from the VINYL ERA - as well as playing some of the best of the WMC bombs of the week this coming Friday at Pacha. Naturally, with it being a Vinyl Reunion I will BE playing many, many classics to remember the many magical moments we shared on 6 Hubert Street. So, expect the "unusual" with the usual Twists & Turns! - hehe Classicsss it isssssssssssssssssssssssss
  12. rui da silva-touch me fused-terror mk-burning love tattoo-drop some drums kings of tomorrow-finally Feel This Trentmoller-Island Breeze
  13. always was and always will be!
  14. Pachas April Lineup!!

    now that was a party