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  1. The music in miami ? : Big Circus !

    No I don't write for Muzik while to mistype is human to be inopportune is horrid.
  2. The music in miami ? : Big Circus !

    I see I understand the point
  3. The music in miami ? : Big Circus !

    Unfortunately I'm here for work and to describe the situation before the WMC but this week I'll definitely enjoy the sun. anyway I'm always optimistic I've seen a similar situation in Sweden were house music was not even worth mentioning and now they have the most popular and requested djs around (Sebastian ingrosso, Axwell, Steve Angelo) Am I wrong ? And Sweden is cold and no beach and palm trees and girls look like polar bears
  4. The music in miami ? : Big Circus !

    Miami is ""not yet"" a Music Town but it will be soon , I'm confident. The secret is to just give more importance to the quality of music, you will see that your drink will taste better,all the girls will look nicer and all the things that you take to enhance your fun will work the way they have to trust me The Dj situation here , as far as I can see, is based on a lickass system and not on the quality. I would say let's dethrone who mostly sucks and put the real talents up there in the dj boots.. and see if the party goes ! If as Shroomy says, there is unappreciated talent out there (and I agree) , well how come they are unappreciated ? Who is stopping them from being appreciated ? Maybe the club owners ? I think that an upgrade of the all music situation will make things better for Miami tourists and non tourists.
  5. The music in miami ? : Big Circus !

    I'm here in Miami since 3 weeks and thank God I'm leaving soon. I write for a big Dance Magazine in UK (no name but you'll know which one is by reading it.) looking for new dj revelations ! Miami It is a wonderful place and with a lot of potential But I don't understand how come the local dj scene is such a total disaster. First thing I have to say is that in the last year I have been all around the best clubs in the world: Stereo in Montreal, Turnmills and Ministry in London, Q in Zurich Queen in Paris and also in and of course Space and Pacha in Ibiza and Paradise Club in mykonos. I have listened to Der Dritte Raum, Angelo, Axwell, Angel Moraes , Timo maas, Zabiela, Nic Fanciulli, Lindstrom, Steve Lawler and also Rex the dog,Tiga,Mylo Locodice,Yousef,Francisco Farfa,Ivan Smagghe,Marco Carola,Desyn Masiello and a lot of new ones not popular but even better. Last 2 week I have been at space for the after-hours and it looked like a freak show, everybody was dirty and sweaty and wasted which is not the problem... The problem was that the music was the same as the week before; old and repeated in the same exact sequence. Thank God that people was wasted otherwise they would realize the Dj are fooling them with old music. Big track was "your body" that I heard 1 year ago in Canada. What I have noticed is that the all the djs have the same gay-ish macho superstar attitude to prove something, maybe that they are not gay. I guess they are all trying to musically imitate Danny Tenaglia. Please don’t! Leave him alone. At the time was playing Cedric Gervais ( Gervais is a famous French Ice Cream brand for who doesn't know) which I tought it was ok in the beginning but then the following week I was shocked by listening the same music over and over. c'mon. Do you think we are stupid? Yes we are. because we paid 20 $ to listen to the same music again. I have been in nocturnal also, (next to space) forget about it, this old style progressive and tribal mixed with a pathetic intent to resemble the electro minimal-movement that is already fading-out. Made me sick. That was sweaty dj Rolando I guess. I also have been to Metropolis on Friday, it looked like a college birthday party and the music was an irrelevant banging, no matter in which room you go. But the worse scenario was in Mansion on Saturday and Sunday. Mansion is not a club, it is like cirque du soleil without dancefloor , a big bloody dramatic manifestation of how badly money can be spent. Vip managers where arrogant and looked like they were doing you a favor. People looked like forced to have a classy attitude from the establishment, a big vip area that makes you think that moneys is the first issue and not music , (terrible chart music). The sound system sounded very loud and noisy and the dj playing at the time looked like what, 50 years old ? Playing like old style funky house with no groove at all. I didn't feel comfortable even if I had my own table and friends. Bloody pathetic. Friday at Crobar was also weird, there was this Spanish like dj (I guess I saw him in nikki beach also.) he was repeatedly playing samples with the CD player ruining the few good tracks I heard during the night. It was not really crowded but the people after 2:30 got bored and me too. Saturday in Crobar the dj was the cheesiest ever no worth tallkin about it I liked instead the French dj from Nikki beach Pedro(not because I'm French) on Sunday night and the Italian from crobar 2 fridays ago.; their music was very new and mixed well technically , those are the only ones that can play in an international contest, but until that time ? still nobody know them yet . I have also listened other local dj , amelia ,nelson, waste of time. I haven't been to amika yet but I will this Sunday to listen to Cue and Stephan Luke. hope they are good. I hope I'm writing to the right place and that my realistic point of view it doesn't conflict with some local readers opinion.. I'll be gone next week anyway... then my writing will be forgrotten in the past of this billboard. People from miami , ask for better music quality ! Winter Music Conference is coming , hopefully you can learn something that's the message Delacroix Muzik...