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  1. Okay... what else is going on that night... and how much?
  2. NOOOOO!!!! please do not associate Webster Hall with great club. It's become a dump! Granted its old and nostalgic, but it's WAAAAY beyond it's time.... They really need to revamp the whole thing. I don't think they've changed it once in 20 years... But this is about Pacha... Pacha does not have outstanding DJs and I definatelly think JP will be a blessing to this place. It's got one of three of the worlds greatest sound systems and you are bound to have a blast in there....
  3. I definatelly second that one... it was $60 for gen admin on New Years which only got you access to the first level. To pay $50 to see him at Pacha? I dunno bout that one. The way they reconstructed the club is horrible. To be there for JP is gonna be NUTS and crazy packed. For those who DO go, try not to get your eye poked out by some of the guys hair, your feet stabbed by the stilettos, or your ass dropped by the sick dancers cuz you know I'll be there going crazy to SUNSHIIIINNE!!!! OOOOON MY SHOULLLLDDEERRRSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't we all just get along? Just remember, if you go, don't go blowing a line in front of a bouncer, if you're smokin a J be sure to SHARE it with the bouncer, and if you're popping, make sure you've got plenty of water or your ass is grass. On that note, I hope to see everyone there, but that all depends on how much money I spend this week... :-) gotta budget for this thing...