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  1. Brazil Street Introduces Young Life!

    dont sleep! check out the audio. e-mail me or check out theblackwallstreet.com for more info
  2. BRAZIL STREET INTRODUCES YOUNG LIFE! In the midst of the West Coasts resurrection, we have witnessed some of the greatest rappers to emerge in decades from California. Life is no exception,backed by Big Fase 100 and G Ride of Brazil & Wilmington Street Records, Young Life has proved his dominance lyrically. Earning his title as "California's Freestyle King", the former protege of The Game, home from a one year bid is now poised to release his upcoming mixtape, Compton Life. Dont compare Life to other rappers in his age range,he is not a Bow Wow or Romeo, Life has lived everything he raps about. Life has been described as having the attitude and determination of a young Snoop Dogg with the street knowledge lyricism of Nas. First making an appearance on The Game's Documentary DVD, and gracing several mixtapes with scorching verses on mixtape classics such as 'Aint Fuckin With Life' and his "Young California Freestyle' over the Dogg Pound's Classic New York beat, Life is now readying to prove himself once and for all on his upcoming February 10th release of Compton Life. THE MIXTAPE (COMPTON LIFE) The wait is over. Friday Feb. 10th Life's mixtape Compton Life will be dropping, with the street anthem "On the grind" and many other exclusives featuring G. Malone, Young Klev, Broadcast, Chase and other Brazil Street artists. This mixtape is sure to be a certified West Coast classic. Big Fase 100 and G-ride are introducing the world to another West Coast star and also introducing the next big record label Brazil Street Records. Also another exclusive you will be able to download the mixtape directly from the site www.theblackwallstreet.com for $4.99 for those of you who cant wait for it to be delivered. Also when u order the hard copy of Life's mixtape Compton life the first 500 copies will be Autographed by Life himself. The hard copy will cost $6.99 and you can order that from the store at www.theblackwallstreet.com. The mixtape is defintely classic so be sure to not to miss out. The Brazil Street Records movement has begun. visit our website at www.theblackwallstreet.com also check out www.brazilandwilmington.com (coming soon) LIFES NEW SMASH SINGLE http://www.theblackwallstreet.com/onthegrind.mp3 JBones Brazil Street Employee