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  1. Mansion New Jersey , No big Deal !

    well as far as mansion goes on either fri or sat nites... the bottom line, the place has potential. but as far as charging a cover charge in the winter, here in bricktucky, i think they are outta there minds. there was only ONE club in the history of brick that survived and did rather well. for those of you a lil bit older, you may remember pinnochios or richards. both of which were on the water at what is now the crystal point. they were a staple for the winter months and survived a slow summer. every winter coming back strong with a very very solid wednesday nite. ive already seen the writing on the walls with mansion. everything screams half assed, sorry. but thats MY opinion. and being this is a message board, deal with it. go cry to your momma if it offends your pathetic ass. there's already ads out there for bands that will be performing @ mansion. i think that manager needs to get things straight if local bands are promoting the club too. first off mansion's website sux ass, biggest waste of a domain i've ever seen. money not well spent. its NOT informative, it's not updated accordingly and has very little useful info on it. next... if mansion's such a hot house music place on sat nites, then why bring inbands ? if they're in another room, then name that room and tell us all how u plan on keeping out people with sneakers & hats that are gonna go see a band ??? the poor club is less than 2 months old and already changing formats ... ??? hopefully they'll get their act together over the summer when the place is empty and everyone's goin to the shore. if you guys plan it out right, come sept you'll be able to take a chunk outta jenks and a few other places. good luck thats all i gotta say. but if u think you're gonna come to brick chargin cover charges ... year round... dont plan on stayin too long. as much as i think cheyne is a nice guy and a decent dj... i wouldnt pay $10 to hear him play, especially in bricktown, in a converted banquet hall. one last thing, do something with your sound system and dj booth, you'll never get a high end dj to play in this place with the booth the way it is. i seen it, and it's a joke. the friends i have would never play there, and the sound needs help too, the room isnt setup properly and it's eq'ed wrong as well. speakers out of phase, etc. take some criticism and stop whining like bitches ... maybe, just maybe come september if you can get yer acts together there, you'll have a hot club like u want so bad.
  2. anyone out there ever realize that lawyers fees, legal fees, etc are NOT taxed ??? imagine if they were ? like 6% sales tax imposed on them ??? wow.. that would easily solve NJ's debt !!!
  3. mansion...

    well you can always go down to jenks if they still havent figured out how to install turntables and float the cd players... ludicrous in this day & age... who the fuck builds a " world class " club and doesnt install turntables ? why not just do the cd mixes at home and bring your ipod and play your bedroom mixes so they wont skip ?? lol
  4. happy now ? hey i know people there, and i wish them well, i just cant stand ignorance. just so you all know, when nightclubs first came to be ... there was NO such thing as a DJ . live entertainment was the thing back then ... so for the record books, jenks, headliner, bar-a , are nightclubs. NOT BARS
  5. this is gonna be one helluva nite ! roger always kicks some serious ass and deko is always at the top of their game as well.
  6. i hope you all use your common sense... it was NOT in the newspaper, therefore it's NOT happening. and who's the idiot that said bar a would say this ? you dumbass, bar a & djais are in the same town !!! if it happens to one, it happens to the other !!! duh that midnite bar closing crap was the idiot mayor of belmar, pringle.... he did that a few yrs ago in belmar, NOT south belmar ( aka lake como)
  7. New Nightclub In Atlantic City

    thank god for house coming back! there's still alot of great dj's spinning it, and i welcome its return to the main room. hiding out in lounges for the past years was stupid. but i guess all those drugs everyone was doing, you'd need some horrible music to LISTEN too.... now that we're back to normal, lets FEEL the music ! house muzic all nite long !!!
  8. ya know what .. blah. yup, blah.... hows this , better ??