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  1. providenceBELIEVES - BORIS @ THERAPY

    a lil late w/ the flyer. sorry! Anyone needs passes, Email me @ [email protected] Do DOT PM ME
  2. providenceBELIEVES! - BORIS @ THERAPY

    I/We have very Limited passes for this event left. Email Me @ [email protected] or Tanzer and Red.
  3. AMERICAN IDOL - Tuesday Feb. 21 @ 8pm

    The number to call is 1.866.IDOLS. and their order number so if she's on first its "01" and if she's on tenth she's "10" you can call and vote multiple times. thanx!
  4. American Idollllllllllll GET YOUR PHONES READY!!!

    This weeks shows are rebroadcasts. But they are Taped live in front of a live audience on the AI stage that you saw from last yr.. The 12 girls are performing LIVE tonight @ 9pm (Eastern Time) in front of a live audience. The guys will be on tomorrow. The girls are broadcasted on tuesday @ 8pm for a 2hour show, the guys on wednesday for a 2 hr show. Then thursday @ 8pm there is a 1 hour show showing who got eliminated. 2 boys & 2 girls will get the boot. They are not airing the shows live until It narrows down to the top 12 or 10... i cant remember.
  5. American Idollllllllllll GET YOUR PHONES READY!!!

    Vote for becky! thanx D!
  6. American Idol Hotties

    yeah, that's my Gf... (Jessie) Hopefully all of you will be voting for Becky.