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  1. DJ Yahel NYE NYC

    Fuck yeah this is going to be great. Only $40 on NYE to see one of the great DJ's
  2. Why dont the pigs ever raid the Webser Hall?

    I never said we dont promote the club, of course we do. We don't use outside promoters. As I stated Promoters have their own idea's and when they they leave and another promoter comes in they have another idea. This is where you never have consistency and you confuse the crowd of people. The Greek ministry of Tourism promotion is all in house with DJ ODY ROC, club Space, and Paradiso from Mykonos
  3. Why dont the pigs ever raid the Webser Hall?

    I figured this would be a good time to chime in. Lets just say I have been at Webster Hall employed for a while. Webster Hall is the most successful night club in NYC history because it is very consistent. What does this mean? Well it is the ONLY night club that does not and never has used promoters. Promoters all have their own version of a theme and music and usually encourages drug use. Webster Hall is very strict when it comes to under age drinking and Drugs. WE HAVE A ZERO tolerance. Webster Hall will be around for another 100 years because of these reasons. I bet if you worked at a club you wish you worked at one that is consistentanly busy with no risk of getting shut down. If you like to party with average people then Webster Hall is for you. If you think you are above the norm then try some where else. Thank you