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  1. Fake IDs in Miami

    LIsten man, don't listen to that punk funketeer. He's a pssy and he is probably mad because he couldn't even qualify fr a security guard. Do what you have to, have your freaking fun and screw fags like him who probably still has only a mustache and thinks he looks cool. Just watch out for the Hardrock Casino. They always scan. One idea... chew it up a little bit so that you can say your dog chewed it up a little on the end and this way you have a viable reason as to why it doesn't scan if they do try to.
  2. MArgate,....hmmm, ok, your mother obviously knows where the fck it's at. I produced you there. So, then I shipped you and your mommy to Maine. Far away....
  3. My new tat

    oh yeah, my new tat. thanks to a nice postcard from Hot Topic.
  4. My Bike.....

    Nothing to say but..that's my bike.
  5. Me, Alexbor

    Dammit, that's me.
  6. Most of those prints were designed before 9-11. Like the 5 or 100. Either way, leave it up to someone with a lot of pot to see things that are not there.
  7. Fort lauderdale

    If I am wasting my time, where do you recomend. There has to be something out here. Even Miami. Or is South Florida pretty much f#$%d up
  8. Fort lauderdale

    I need a good place to hang out. I jsut moved to Coral Springs and I don't really know many people out here. Does anyone recommend a good trance club around?