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  1. Jonathan Peters @ Pacha?? What are we wearing??

    I might be wearing something similar to this but with my pouch covered up LOL
  2. tiesto is horrible

    I like DJ Eco hes off da hook
  3. Can’t we all get along?

    good one!
  4. Attn: Crobar Personel

    Its sad that for a few bad apples the whole tree has to go down.....
  5. :blah: First of all who the fuck is talking to you!, second of all go back to your teenie trance parties and STFU mind your neck. Finally, ask me if I fucking care?
  6. Geeeeez your still babling? I was done with you two days ago.....You are seriously worse than a bitch! LOL! Grandma is waiting for your so called day your going to spin in a "Well Known Club" Get the fuck out of here! LMFAO! :laugh: THE END.
  7. Oh no another Einstein on board, let me guess your the dude that gets into everybodies thread to put his stupid two cents huh LOL Hey whatever floats your boat hun . Im here having fun who said anything about working hard? hehe and my name desp4sex means I love sex so go do your girl and I do my man and thats that everybodies happy.... BTW your doing great job trying to explain to morons how to act.......JP #1
  8. Obviously I must of hit a soft spot because you just poured your whole sob life on this message board like i give a fuck....LMFAO!........Go back to DJing sundays online ..(Like its some big thing wooooopppifuckingdooooooo!!!!).Ill be sure to tell my grandmother to log on so it can make you feel better.........and be sure to post up flyers of your so called contracts for "Well Known Clubs" cant wait to see this! Great another DJ in the mix what are you number 5898775458769754565? LOL
  9. hahaha and your a real einstein who djs on the internet sundays wooooopiiiiidoooooooooooooo .......talk about boring life....and dont come back with i attend school buslhit! Just go back to your stockroom job at Targets please.....