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  1. i was walking through FYE last week and they already had it on the shelves. 2 weeks early fuckin awesome. im gonna say it now his best CD i think anyway, the release party is gonna be off the hook.
  2. was this just for the weekend or they gonna drag this out
  3. JP New Pacha CD

    jp is ok not my favorite dj, but his new cd is pretty fuckin sick, but I'm sure everybody is gonna have there own opinion. Its way better then that other pacha cd that came out a few months ago. I hope boris and calderone come out with a pacha cd.
  4. Danny Tenaglia's New Cd

    danny was saying the other day at pacha he was comming out with a new cd soon does anybody know when its supposed to come out, thanks
  5. Boris Pacha Dancer

    Does Anyone Know The Name Of That Girl Who Dances At The Boris Partys At Pacha Who Is Supposed To Be A Man, She Has Blonde Hair And Is Pretty Fuckin Hott Man Or Not I Was Wondering. She Is Also In The Picture Of Pacha Winning The Club Awards With Anthony Lamont And Other Dancers
  6. this man is incredible .you really need to be around more often because like always yi ou blew my mind last night one of the best nights in a while thank you dt for once again another amazing night of music,hopefully you willbe be back again soon.
  7. i printed it out and i gotta show my credit card at the door
  8. i already bought a stupid fuckin ticket for open bar, they better have liquor and better be open avalon never should of hosted an event this big if now all this bullshit it gonnna start.
  9. is danny gonna be there all night from open till close
  10. does anyone know what time he will get on. i got work in the morning so if he gonna come on at 2 or 3am im just gonna stay home or does anybody know if hes gonna be there all night. thanks alot
  11. finally a victor outdoor party that is not too far away. hamptons is way to far for me.
  12. Danny Tenaglia @ Shelter, Fri 8/24

    that is what im fuckin talking about this is awesome
  13. Dance Parade 2007, Sat 5/19

    is this going on rain or shine, i heard it was going to rain i dont wanna get up early if i dont have too
  14. this is gonna be great, i just gonna have to party all night and go straight to work